Sunday, April 11, 2021

Website Up and Running!

 I first off want to say THANK YOU for everyone who has been patient (or even those who have not been patient) while I was creating this website. As you can imagine there is nothing more exciting than getting this website up and running! 

That being said, let me update you on my year. As you can imagine, it has been crazy with this little thing called COVID-19, and for those who don't know my day job, let's just say, I was bit of insanity having me physically going into work. I had the opportunity to finished Enclosed when working from home, but now being physically back at work and having to juggle new regulations every week, it created some chaos in my writing schedule. Also, with me losing my writing schedule while adjusting to my day job, my brain went into overdrive and I have started three different novels. 

I know what you are thinking, three novels and not a single one is published yet. How could I do this to everyone who is waiting for the second installment of Enclosed

To be honest, while writing the second novel, I had an amazing novel pop into my head and I couldn't ignore it while writing Enclosed. So, I started writing it. Halfway through that one, I got inspired again and started a new novel. All three are very different and I am enjoying writing and planning each novel and how I want to proceed. Also, with vaccines and some normalcy returning in my daily life, I am able to start a schedule again. 

The second installment of Enclosed will be coming. I don't have a title yet, I don't have a blurb or feel comfortable releasing any teasers yet but I will release something hopefully this summer. 

What about the other two novels? I don't want to give too much away but Oak and Holly is based on Irish folktales, and if you look up the changing of seasons, you can make your own assumptions on what my plan is with that one. This book is a stand alone but I might continue to build the world with some of my amazing cast of characters. I have an idea of who I want to incorporate in the second book but that is not outlined yet. 

Royale is my newest book child, and it has a more supernatural world with the primary characters being werewolves. I am not very far into this particular story but most of my focus has gone into this series and I have outlined and planned out the next three books. I am having a lot of fun writing this particular series and with all the new werewolf books coming out, I am feeling extremely inspired to continue on this supernatural path.

So the next question, what is the timeline? I am not even halfway through any of the books. My goal is that I am hoping for another release this year. It might be any of the three, it might be none. There is still a lot of chaos in my everyday life so even though I found the self-discipline to lay out a schedule, I still have a lot to do with writing, proofreading, editing, and all the other million things that goes into making a book fantastic. Since I have a full time job, that has to come first - got to pay bills and all that. However, since I have this website up and running now, you can take advantage to look for updates, book progress and you can always reach out to ask me questions. 

Now the next step is to set up my authors pages on other websites...yikes!