Wednesday, January 25, 2023

2023 - New Beginnings

 I don't know what to say other than a million apologies. Lots of personal choices being made for my family, a baby who is growing up to be a magnificent person and is eating up my free time and, quite honestly, it is worth the time to spend with them.

I am making slow progress on my three novels. It is seriously like watching a loading bar on each of them.

After my maternity leave and returning to my job, I had to navigate how to be back at work, alongside being a working parent. It doesn't help that my computer lives in the baby room as well. So, when I have free time to write, I cannot go in due to a sleeping baby.

As 2022 wrapped up and I reflected with my partner about what I wanted to change, I expressed my desire to release a book for 2023. I talked about trying to release maybe the entire Royale series in the next 2 years. He was in full support of this and we made a plan to make sure that I get one hour of uninterrupted time to write on my computer. I also, awfully, decided to take my lunch break to continue to fast (trying intermittent fasting to shed this baby weight) and use it for something good like writing. I am now several days in and though it is hard to do, I am actually getting somewhere. I wrote an entire chapter, revised several sections, paced out the next few chapters and reread my other two series. I am feeling confident that if I make this a habit, I should be able to finish even in a few months and release part one this summer.

I hate making deadlines and making empty promises but the plan this year is to release part one of Royale. If it all goes well, maybe I will go back to the other two books and try to finish them as well. Apart from a big project at work or a sick baby, I should get at least 60 minutes each day to write, and while that may not be a lot, it is a lot more than it has been in previous months. 

While waiting for this book to come out, I would love it if anyone could share out on my social media any thoughts or opinions on the upcoming releases and please reach out for any book recommendations too, especially when I am in a dry spell! 

I hope everyone has an amazing year and happy reading!